Cooking lesson and fine dining: a bespoke experience @ L’Atelier l’art culinaire!

Dinning at L’Atelier is an outstanding experience designed to entice all your senses, a celebration of the amazingly delicious flavours of the French cuisine as interpreted by our Master Chef Samuel Le Torriellec. Chef Sam takes cooking to the level of artistry and turns recipes into sophisticated yet delightfully effortless dishes.

Intrigued by how he does it? Would you like to learn his tricks and get the tips that will take your cooking to the next level? Join Chef Sam for a private cooking lesson and surprise yourself or mesmerize a dear one with a meal they will never forget.

Choose a dish from our menu, learn how to pick the ingredients and cook it alongside Chef Sam to discover what makes a dish special and distinctive. You will then savour your cooking in a unique setting designed especially for you to relish this bespoke gastronomic experience.

Cooking sessions with Chef Sam are available for one or two people and are offered for dinner only.

To book your evening please call us on 021 300 5708.

Cooking with Chef Sam Sessions cost 1,000 lei/ session for one and 1,500 lei/ session for two. After cooking includes the food, wine and other drinks are not included.

L’Atelier – Let us uncover the Master Chef in you!